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Create lively places

For thriving cities

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Who we are

Belleville is the alliance of 2 experts in the creation, management and programming of public spaces

Jérôme Barth (NYC) - 20 years of experience in the largest public space management organizations in New York: Bryant Park, Highline, Time Square, Fifth Avenue

Jérôme Glad (MTL) - 10 years of experience developing and managing public spaces and unifying places in Montreal and throughout Quebec, notably Les Jardins Gamelin, the Village au Pied-du-Courant or more recently the Village des Écluses

Our approach

THEplacemaking is the art of creating living places that attract people. We create memorable places through a whole series of interventions, whether through beautiful developments, good programming, an adapted management model or even an economically viable project.


A lively public space brings enormous social value. We unlock the potential of every place to create destinations that bring people together and strengthen the appeal of every community.


Discover our projects

Through our various involvements, we have brought to life a multitude of successful spaces bringing great value to their environments.

Our services

Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to adapt to the specific needs of each project. We support you in order to bring as much value as possible to your ambitions, while limiting your development costs.

Vision and diagnosis of potential

Functional program and management model

Space design

Clearly define the uses of the location, the functional needs, the management framework and the finances of the project

The best public spaces often have management bodies behind them. This is what ensures dynamic, well-planned spaces, where we can find cafes, restaurants, refreshments, markets, and an agility of action to guarantee a quality experience for visitors.

We will help you set up a management structure that meets the needs of your space, develop a financial model ensuring the sustainability of the place and support you in seeking financing. 

Space modeling and use design

We develop functional programs (or programmatic views), 3D sketches, vision documents, budget estimates and even draft business plans.

We will also support you to materialize these visions, in all their dimensions (spaces, users, finances).

Urban and strategic development

Strategic advice for the development of new neighborhoods or the consolidation of centers of life

How can we organize a new neighborhood around spaces that create centrality, or breathe new life into an already established community? We are able to put in place a master plan and land use plans that are attractive to residents as well as businesses and businesses, based on solid principles and proven success.

Identify opportunities and visions to create quality places


Creating the right place in the right place can bring so much value to a community. But despite the craze for placemaking, tactical urban planning or the creation of third places, the keys to creating lively and viable spaces are extremely complex to find. 

Present us with a space or your goals for your living environment, and we will develop a vision, a program and a budget adapted to create a vibrant place and a destination that attracts people. 

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