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Jerome Barth

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Jérôme Barth is a recognized expert in the fields of public space management, placemaking and urban revitalization. Of French origin, he graduated from the Institute of Political Studies of the Robert Schuman University in Strasbourg and from the Stern School of Business (MBA). 

He settled in the United States and began his career as an urban planner at Bryant Park Corporation and the 34th Street Partnership in New York. It was there that he discovered an innovative public space management model, aiming to make Bryant Park the most pleasant park in the world, a vibrant and authentic space, thanks to the implementation of original methods. of the private sector serving public service objectives. A model that allows this park to be entirely self-financing without public funds; the first to achieve this goal in the USA. 

His work also contributed to the creation of the Meatpacking Improvement District in New York and the development of New York's public squares program. Over the years, and through positions with the famous Friends of the High Line, Fifth Avenue Association or Times Square Alliance,  he has held a wide variety of roles that have exposed him to administration, operations, revenue generation, philanthropy, horticulture, design, technology, arts, real estate development and marketing , and in general all aspects of the organization and improvement of public spaces. 

These experiences allowed him to develop an original philosophy regarding the management of modern public space and the complementary roles of its private and public actors. Today he uses his knowledge as an urban planning consultant with Town Square Consulting and Belleville Placemaking.

Jerome Glad


Jérôme Glad is one of the pioneers of placemaking in Quebec, having initiated numerous projects that paved the way for the movement, such as the Village au Pied-du-Courant or the Gamelin Gardens. Coming from a background in architecture and passionate about cities, he quickly realized that he could create his own spaces by having an entrepreneurial stance: a good public space is a living place, which can have its own model of business. 


In 2014, he founded the Pépinière Espaces Collectifs, an NPO within which he has carried out more than ten projects as a promoter, and around thirty others for municipalities throughout Quebec, helping to make our cities and villages environments of life more unifying and effervescent. With his multidisciplinary expertise in the creation and management of spaces, he initiated training programs with La Pépinière and Centraide to support organizations in setting up their own public spaces. 


In 2021, he is embarking on a new adventure: the relaunch of the Théâtre des Cascades site and its campsite, a 10-hectare estate surrounded by water just outside of Montreal. It has since developed into a privileged meeting place for locals, coupled with a unique tourist and cultural micro-destination at the gates of the metropolis. After only one summer of operation, the place has already achieved great notoriety and opens the way to countless possibilities to make it an extraordinary site. 

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